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When seeking any kind of professional assistance, a friend's endorsement is always the best recommendation. That's especially true when considering a practitioner for health issues or for answers to wellness concerns. And so I pursued my friend's advice to visit Rivera Chiropractic where my expectations for quality care have been fulfilled immeasurably.

Dr. Rivera's commitment to healthcare is a patient-partnership which combines compassion, education and his keen implementation of chiropractic principles. Dr. Rivera utilizes the Advanced Activator Technique which is a very gentle and successful chiropractic approach to spinal and joint alignment. This technique, working in concert with the encouragement and support of Dr. Rivera and his dedicated assistant Kelley, has been a great compliment to my program for wellness.

--Marsha--Dallas, TX

When a friend of mine told me that she was seeing a chiropractor who used an Activator, I immediately called and made an appointment. If you have never heard of the use of an Activator in conjunction with pain, be prepared to experience a gentle and extremely effective manner of treatment.

I found Dr. Rivera's expertise in his field to be unparalleled. Add to that his engaging personality and Dr. Rivera's knowledge of health care that he shares with his clients on each visit. Then you have a doctor that you can rely on to not only alleviate your back pain, but also change your whole life style to bring about healing for you in many ways.


Visiting Dr. Rivera's office wasn't a first chiropractic experience for me. I've been to three different chiropractors before and because of past experiences in the past, I was skeptical and mostly negative on my first visit. Even though, Dr. Rivera came highly recommended through a referral from a great friend, I still didn't believe he'd be any different than ones in the past. Years later, I don't even feel right calling him a chiropractor, because he's so much more.

Dr. Rivera's extensive use of the Activator was the initial difference I recongnized in his treatment yet over time his extensive knowledge of anatomy, human behavior, nutrition and fitness has made him a doctor I will go to for total wellness. Beyond single-instant back injuries, Dr. Rivera has been able to help me target weaknesses in my workout routines, give me stretches to take home with me, words of wisdom and key nutrition pointers. Dr. Rivera has not only improved my strength training and given me months without any issues, he's never once discouraged me from doing the things I love like yoga, running and triathlons. Instead, he's given me building blocks of knowledge to continue doing the things I love even longer.

He's come to my aide when I needed a general physician and referred me to reliable personal trainers and massage therapists. He's helped people I care about by being a reliable person to refer loved ones to and he's always respected their boundaries and won them over. Now, the people I send to Dr. Rivera think I'm a genius. He's consistently worked with my individual financial situation by offering competitive non-insurance rates and working with my ever-changing schedule.

Above all else, Dr. Rivera was able to help me last year when I was sick with debilitating headaches for two weeks. I had been sent to several doctors and received a CT Scan to determine what was causing the headaches. One phone call away from seeing a neurologist and incurring the costs of many more tests, I was able to go to Dr. Rivera and get a second opinion. Turns out, I got a solution and I never had to see a neurologist. My headaches went away and I was grateful I had a doctor who truly cares about making me better.

--Jordann--Dallas, TX